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Dec 7, 2008
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Newick, East Sussex
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Just inside the hive entrance, at one edge is a white smearing, about 2"sq, as though dried pigeon dropping- and no I don't have one wintering in there. Bees are seemingly ok, flying today- no excessive loss, but this white area is new. Mouse guard on, no sign of one inhabiting- but I havent explored - just peeped, fondanted and closed. Any ideas- am I missing a disease symptom/sign.
Hi Heather.

Any chance of a close up photo of what you describe ?

first thoughts - could it be mould growth. 2nd idea - could it be dried sugar syrup or fondant that has fallen through the nest ?

I presume you have ruled out dried wax cappings ?

On one of my hives I have noticed a bit of white 'dust' on the inspection tray of the floor and alongside was the remnants of oxalic acid that dropped through - this had turned white in the cold.


It might be a bird dropping ? as during the summer what ever eat elderberrys done a dambuster job as it came hurtaling through the french doors all over the carpet and that was 4 feet inside my house!!!.

hhmmm but none on the outside just in the entrance - but another excuse to shoot those bloody pigeons- have about 30 that live in overhead trees to me- my garden becomes a polluted white mess!!!
Do you have pine or cedar hive
eerrr.. havent a clue- just hives:blush5:- prob cedar as good solid ones... and not yet mastered adding photos to forum - working on it - Lord that sounds so girly:svengo: But all 9 colonies alive and well so do some things right..
A picture tells all

Hopefully the images are sort of self explanatory. :)

They could be a bit smaller I suppose.

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