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Aug 10, 2009
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My 2nd hive is turning into the bees from hell.
I acquired it as large nuc in July. After a couple of weeks they started to sting us in the garden, so with the help of one of my mentors we moved them 3 miles and at the beginning of August brought them back to a local field, owned by an elderly farmer who is very helpful.

Inspections mean kamikaze runs at the veil, at least 5 or 6 stings on the hands (I wear thick marigolds for this lot), stings through the bee suit (made the mistake of inspecting them with only a short-sleeved shirt under the beesuit - can sting through no problem). Then they follow and won't leave me for ages.

Was planning tho re-queen next spring, but now they've stung the farmer on the eye - he was some distance away but it was about 2 hours after I'd inspected.

They are being Apiguarded at the moment but without this they were just as bad.

I supposed I should have re-queened earlier, but was hoping to get through to the spring.

Question is can I do it now or do I have to wait until April?
You can do it now, with some degree of risk, if you can buy a mated queen, or combine them with a colony which already has a suitable queen.

You have to remove the unsatisfactory queen first of course.
Thanks JC
Any pointers as to where to get a queen?
Send Norton a pm, consider Bickerstaff's, try Mikethebee, or send Admin a pm, he will know if there are any queen breeders connected with this forum.

I have a name 'Doug' telephone 0151 342 7062, in my database, but I've never used him, maybe Admin knows who he is and might say more.

Peter if you are still stuck after trying any of the above then give me a shout and I will sort you out with another contact.

p.s "Doug" is Doug Jones who lives on Mersyside,he sells Slovenian Carrniolan queens.
Thanks for all your replies.

I spoke to the farmer this aft and he is quite relaxed. The cattle have now gone from the field to auction and the field will be fallow for the winter, so he won't be going in much.
I will make one more inspection when I remove the Apiguard - prob in in one week. That should be it until March/April.

The weather has turned much colder here and the forecast for the coming week is not good.

All in all I have decided to hold off until spring - it's very risky doing it now and as the farmer is relaxed about it (I have agreed to tell him in future when I inspect) then hopefully this will be the best outcome.

As ever you have all been supportive so thanks again.

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