When to mark your queens?

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Aug 12, 2009
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Another Newbie question -

Just when should you mark new queens? The first time you see them? After mating? After they start laying?

Just that my wife & I have marked 3 queens recently (the first time we saw them) & then started wondering if it would have been better waiting for a couple of weeks untill they had started laying & then clipping her at the same time.
Yes wait till they are laying before you mark or clip.

Otherwise they wont be able to get mated.
mark or clip

Definitely the second needs to be done later! But no, I would not even think about disturbing a virgin queen if at all possible, let alone marking her. For a start she needs to be un-noticed by aerial predators while outside the hive! Do both at the same time when she is well into lay.

Regards, RAB
WOW 3 beekeepers recomending the same thing has to be a record lol:cheers2:
Thanks all, We'll keep the marker pen for later.