When are you going to do your first inspection?

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Nov 7, 2008
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The bees are flying some days in most places in the UK it seems. When I lift the rooves to check they have fondant, mine are now frothing out and the hives smell nicely of honey again.

So when will people have a proper look? Someone said that at 16C that is warm enough, but without a thermometer when is that and it that right???
I was told that when you can walk around the garden with short sleeves and it feels comfortable is the time.
It's 12c here (so my car tells me) Pleasantly sunny but probably too cool yet.
I'm going down to mine in a while to put a little more fonadant on. In one of my hives the queen stopped laying in the autumn - I was advised to leave it alone as it was probably too late to unite, so if the weather is suitably sunny when I get there I may sneek a quick peek at that one but other than that I'm leaving well alone for a few more weeks.

Hi Polyanwood

I do not go by tempreture I go by what the bees are telling me.
If they are out and about and bringing in pollen then this time of year I will go through the hive where the bees are congrgating and not worry about the outer frames yet. A quick lift and see then back in, that's all there is to it at this time of year.
When the weather warms up and the bees are flying freely then I will carry out a correct inspection.

Quick look sounds a good idea.