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Busy Bee

House Bee
Mar 1, 2009
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N. Ireland
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Hive inspection,

9 1/2 full frames of mainly capped brood, the rest eggs and larvae. Super 1/2full of pollen.

What is the best course of action in your opinion.

Busy Bee

do you want honey or more colonies?

I would consider splitting 2 or 3 ways and increase my number of colonies as honey to me is a bonus not a driving factor. :cheers2:
1 maybe go for brood and a half and bung on a qx above the super half full of pollen and at least two extra supers.
2 take a good nuc and replace frames with foundation
3 wait for them to start building q cells and artificially swarm them

It depends what equipment you have and what your wishes are . Choices 1 and 3 can easily go together - increase and honey
Sounds like a booming colony that gives you many options anyway - congrats !
With them filling the super with pollen they are telling you they want to expand,it has to be another box or split.

If it was me I would do it soon before they catch you out with a missed swarm cell.
Sounds like your winter management was very good,well done :cheers2:
Too early to split, add a second brood box as that promises to be one powerful colony. The second box improves your options.
Thanks Admin for the tip about pollen in the Super..I'll file that one away!

Busy bee, sounds like they have been enjoying the Win bushes.....

Certainly add another box or consider the size of your other colonies and if they could do with a boost maybe a bit of brood transfer might help both hives and give the strong colony some empty frames to work on.

The frame transfer will only be a temporary fix and only a split or extra box will ultimatley keep them happy.

Only transfer frames if the recieving colony is strong enought to keep the introduced frame warm and that you are confident that you aren't transfering any problems to the other hives.

but how can you do a split or AS when no queen cells are present?


Encourage them to make queen cells. Simple. Spread the brood boxes apart (vertically), making sure there are eggs for them to build Q/cells in the excluded upper box.

Regards, RAB
I don't know if its the right thing to do but I put on another brood box. I was thinking the weather is not right here for nuc's and not enough drones. So I should think I will be able to make nuc's later on when the temps start to reach 20-21C and plenty of drones around.

Busy Bee
i would add a second brood box on top.They then have more room to keep them happy and fill with brood. You then have 3 options.
- split the second brood into two nuc's
- remove the second brood and reunit in Aug if you dont want to increase
- Remove the second brood and allow them to raise a new Q and increae your numbers.

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