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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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I was just about to order a feeder for my larger colony for autumn feeding and realise I am not sure which size I will need - 1/2 or 1 gallon??

Can any one advise please?

Many thanks, Floss

Ps this colony have recently requeened after swarming and have slowed down so I don't intend to take much, if any honey off them although they have 2 supers they had only capped about 1/3 last week.
I use full width feeders for winter feeding - they take a couple of gallons. Contact feeders are useful for queen rearing and the little round plastic feeder with an upside down flower pot inside (can't remember what they're called) are good for nucs. So, the answer to what size feeder is it depends on what it is wanted for. Given the time of year thoughts will be towards winter feeding in which case I would recommend the biggest one you can get.
okay, that makes sense, thanks Rooftops. I have a small contact feeder in with the swarm from a few weeks ago and this seems ok as they are also bringing in lots of store. The older colony is much much bigger and quieter at the moment.

thanks, Floss

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