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Feb 20, 2009
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What price for different sizes of jars, cut comb etc are people going to be charging this year. Just curious as over here in NI prices seem to be poles apart in different areas. Just not sure what to charge myself as this will be my first year with honey to sell...(hopefully:))
my out let has folded over the winter so i will be doing car boots and farmer markets ect i will be charging £4 to £5 a jar depends if i have a load of posh muppets or common people in front of me might evan try for £6 first thing in the morning and see how i get on. Wax is worth £17 kilo to me to sell, but if i run out i get it from poland at £3 kilo and i collect it. i have been approached several times for propolis but i cant seam to find a sensible price for it what do you charge
I have not had any to sell from last season but local beekeepers in my area vary from £5.50/£6 for a lb jar to £3 for a lb jar. Another sells a square 12oz jar at £4.50 Another sells the hexagonal 12oz jar for £3.50

I was thinking of £2.50/£3 for a 8oz, £3.50/£4 for a 12oz jar and 8oz cut comb and £4.50/£5 for a 1lb jar. I am mindfull that you dont want to under price yourself but that if prices are too high it will put people off.
£2.50 a lb if jar is returned (friends and family) other wise £3 a jar.

I have been selling mine for £3.00 a Jar for the last 4 years.
So going to put it up to £3.50 as I am almost sold out.
I am selling around 120 jars from my house a year.
I would think that £3 a lb seems a bit low.
5 Euros a kilo = £4.54 for 2.2lbs - Very cheap, I checked in the supermarket the other day and the cheapest was 7 Euros for imported blended tasteless rubbish.
interesting according to this artical we in england have one of the highest honey prices at around £3 per kilo trade which will retail at over £8 the world trade price of honey is nearer £1 per kilo traded, so i would love to know whats going on, i think between £3 to £5 a pound jar is reasonable for what we produce, unless there is a london plonker infront in which case £7 if more than fair. so the lot of us are trading on over rated prices, will our prices crash or hold up
All about supply and demand I suppose, although hard financial times also need to be taken into account as well.

I sold 100lb to a bee farm for £2.60 p.p. and I see the same farm selling honey at the garden centre for £4.50. I may cut out the middle man next time.
But, just a thought, does that open the gates for weights and measures inspections, etc. Not worried re the weight being ok, but what other 'health and safety' blah will it encourage!!
if you sell out then you are to cheap/ it pays to hold some back for the end of the year.
£5 per pound of honey same as last year here:cheers2: i am exploring a local produce shop to see what they will pay for it , they are desperate for local honey but the price has to be right. we should not undersale our girls work!
if they are so desperate it means that other local beekeepers are not willing to drop so dramatic. ( some people want something for nothing) and then you take a look around and see their mark-up!
A butcher relatively local to me sells at £8, but what he has is "a bit cr*p" according to his own estimation.... He used to sell very local, good honey at £12 easily (!!!!!) I find this mad, but it is a touristy area.
This is a very interesting situation we have now.

I s poke to an equipment supplier today and he was complaining about how busy he was and it's because of all the beginners.

So lets play consequences here. There are loads of new beginners who are next year going to find they have a honey problem. They will supply friends and neighbours and then ponder doing a bit of selling. (Yes Heather put your name on a jar and Weights and Measures will make their way to your door. when I started it took all of two weeks for them to arrive!)

I am suggesting we may be heading for a glut and English prices have always laggged Scottish ones for that very reason, that is more beekeepers.

I would suggest that across the range staed in this thread and the top I have seen myself which is £12 a pound, plain squat jar down to what I honestly consider to be way to cheap at £3. However what quality of preperation goes into the £3 jar and what goes into the £12. One is from a professional so I would expect his standards to be extremely high and (no disrespect to the £3, but the amateur in their kitchen is hard pushed to match the quality from a proper honey house.

and so..... Where to pitch it. With good presentation, that is a proper printed legally correct label, and clean non sticky jars properly prepared clean honey might fetch £5-6 a pound outside of tourist areas where there would be a premium naturally.

And as a warning there was a time when articles were written on getting rid of honey...read Manley.

One is from a professional so I would expect his standards to be extremely high and (no disrespect to the £3, but the amateur in their kitchen is hard pushed to match the quality from a proper honey house.


I think the amateur Honey would be better then the professional Honey.
We don't heat it up to stop it from crystallizing.

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