What did you do in the 'workshop' today

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Made 3 new underfloor mesh floors for my national hives ,made from 20mm scrap pine that was in my wood pile .
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I will only use SS mesh as I vape from underneath.
I've always vaped from underneath and some of the floor(either plain galv or plastic coated) are over fourteen years old - the woodwork rots away before the mesh does.
Last time I used a rhombus escape board it was on a 2 inch eke. The supers cleared in no time but when I lifted the board off, the eke below was brim full of bees! It took a while and some smoke to get them to move down.
I think I will just use the rhombus board with a single bee space direct onto the tops of the frames next time...
K ;)
It has rained here for a fair bit of the day, so I've been doing more brood box/super repairs -- two of each, that have been sitting in the workshop for weeks waiting for me to find the time. Having a job really puts a crimp on one's free time. I'm really not sure I like it.

The brood boxes just had a lot of wear near the corners so (as per another thread) I've cut out the worn sections and fixed in some scraps of oak left over from making someone's camper van worktop :D One has walls only ½" thick, so I'll relegate that for use as a bait hive only.

One of the supers is poly and has a lovely circular indent of unknown origin in the outside and a few wax moth holes inside, so I'm filling those with car body filler. The other super is softwood and has a couple of rotten corners. I'll probably cut those out and replace with some of the oak as well, then paint it.

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