What are your"Favourite" mistakes?

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From Glossop, North Derbyshire, UK
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Mar 11, 2021
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Glossop, North Derbyshire
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4 to 12!
ie those you have repeated despite knowing better!

Mine are:
1. Forgetting to put the dummy board(s) back in on reassembling hives.
2. Forgetting to go back at 5-7 days to cut back EQCs.
1. I do all the time and if doesn’t seem to make much difference
I have put on a clearer board upside down a couple of times. They are all marked with an arrow now.
I’ve forgotten a vape in a sequence a few times.
1. Forgetting to put the dummy board(s) back in on reassembling hives.
I came across a whole bunch of hives in one of my sites recently where I had missing frames in the bottom boxes. I've missed putting frames in occasionally before, but not to that extent.
I once put an entire box on a hive (with frames in it) upside down...they didn't fall out (as I lifted it on) as they were all waxed and propolised in. I've not repeated that one yet :redface:.
Forgetting to remove the entrance block after moving hives and then getting a niggling feeling a few days later. I once left a hive closed for a week, luckily all was OK. Paynes nuc entrance discs become loose over time and close, so a pin, frame nail or drawing pin comes in handy as your everyday apiary carry.
forgetting to put the dummy board back ( and coming back the week after to find they have actually gone freehand - once even building a perfect frame size and shape free comb in the void and even filling it with hone!)
forgetting to replace the QX and realising as I'm replacing the crownboard what I've done.

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