Weasels are weasily recognised, stoats are stoatally different.

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Jul 18, 2009
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So, after looking at the 'First Word in your head' and the last post was Weasel, my immediate response was trouser-leg, and I thought I should recount this experience of mine. A bit of a shaggy dog story, but....

Many moons ago as a young service engineer on welding equipment, I was travelling through a woodland area to my next job and the call of nature was getting louder and louder. So, in a bit of a panic, I stopped at a small deserted lay-by area to answer the calling.

As I pulled off the road, I noticed a family of weasels running along the hedgerow, 1 adult and a number of young, and I remember thinking "awww sweet", before diving behind a bush. This was whilst leaving my car door open and engine running.

Very shortly I returned to the vehicle and sped off (I drove like a maniac everywhere) and whilst driving down a long hill at approx 70MPH, something warm and furry shot up my trouser leg. PANIC, slammed on brakes and as I eventually came to a halt, the warm furry thing was at crotch level. With a great deal of trepidation, I undid my trousers and opened up.

A young weasel popped his head up, complete with fleas, hissed at me and gave off this god awful smell, then ran back down my trouser leg and up under my dash board.

What should I do?

Well, I drove to a nearby zoo and explained what had happened, 10 minutes later they stopped laughing and it took a further 10 minutes to persuade them that I was telling the truth and could they help me get the thing out of my car.

Eventually, said Weasel was retrieved and was given back to me in a small cardboard box along with the words "take this F******g thing well away from our birds". I took it back to the lay-by where I had first seen them and released him. He immediately ran to the centre of the lay-by where he disappeared down a very small hole to be re-united with his family.

I then drove off happy that I was still intact.

Moral to the story, well I guess that's where you guys come in. I dare say you will all have some ideas of your own.....

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