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Dec 4, 2008
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Best pic I can find so far. funnel takes water to the bottom of the tank, thus pushing up the hot water and wax through the filters attached round the brim with jubilee clips.
lol, i have one of those that was gifted to me, not used as yet - what are you using as a filter?
are you using rain water or tap?
Various meshes with the final filter surgical lint.

In Scotland I used tap water but down here I would think rain would be best.

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did you bring to the boil or not?
I heat the whole lot until the wax is ALL molten, then attach the filters, then pour a kettle of boiling water down the spout to ensure the pipe is clear, then start pouring cold water down it to push up the wax. Out the filters it runs, round the catching trough and into the waiting bucket.

Very simple.

That's excellent................but where do you get one from?

Yours Roy

never seen them for sale, I will look who made mine later, as I say I was given it.

PH do you add water first before putting wax in? couple of inches of water at the bottom otherwise does the wax not burn.
I had it made to my design at my local welders and sheep metal workers.

2" of water? No. more like a foot. That is why it is so tall. And no the wax does not burn. I get out candle making quality in one run.

I saw one on ebay last year quite old and a bit rusty kept looking at it but had no idea how it worked until now a good bit of kit
mine defo has a brand/manufacturer on it, maybe "BH"
dont think so, but I will check when I pop out for the wife chips :) sorry 'our' chips.
Just a guess really,as Talors used to make them out of tin,and were once the largest producers of beekeeping equipment in the uk, until taken over by Thornes in 84.
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MG is the logo and there is a patent number too.
I will have to get it out of storage and takke some measurements.

It cost along with the tank and stand form my pump some £700. So out of that some £150. That was back in 92 or so.

MG would be Mountain Grey and that is what I copied, at least the principle, but scaled it up to a more realistic size.

right, makes sense as mine is a little smaller, but the who gave it me swore by it
jezd mine is about 75% bigger than the original, and yes it works a treat.


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