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Jun 1, 2009
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Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK
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I've noticed on the forum mention of wasp traps from time to time.

Whilst doing my inspection today I noticed a wasp grab a bee and kill it and then start eating it :ack2:

I trod on it and killed it :)

So is this a big problem?

Is this why I should have a wasp trap (of fake nest)?

Yours Roy
I saw similar yesterday with two wasps grabbing bees and killing them. :( Fortunately, if thats the right word, it was a couple of bees that were walking away from the hive, (having been evicted)? One bee went to investigate, realised what it was and literally ran away.

Having said that I have noticed several wasp bodies near the front of the hive over the last few days, so I'm guessing that these may have tried to enter the hive and been outnumbered and driven off/killed by the hive workers.

Wasps 2 - Bees more than 2 :)
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I think as long as your colony is strong the bees will sort the wasps out, if it is a continual onslaught you could help the bees by sticking up some traps a good distance from the hives, (not in the apiary), all you need is a coke bottle and some fruit and water to make a very effective trap.

Some of the wasps slice and dice the dead carrying them away, so in effect are helping keep the area tidy, i used to torch the buggers, but unless they are distressing my girls directly, i leave them to it.

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