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Equipment Wanted Wanted: Bee Suit

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May 24, 2020
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Thought I'd take a punt on the Beeproof Suits (BPS) ones given the apparent value. Got the professional version as seemed to match my wants. It arrived today.

Impressed with rapid and free delivery. Knee pads are a nice addition as I usually kneel by my hives for inspections. Nice bag for it.

Hoods... Nice to have two but probably less wasteful to let customer choose if one of each or two the same style. I prefer the fencing style to the round so am less likely to use the latter.

Zips- metal is nice but not that fussed personally.

Would like ankle zips as per the Sheriff or STBK Pro, absent on BPS.

Pockets are the same as the above two so I'm happy there.

Ordered khaki, feels nearer cream to me but I'm not great with colours.

Veil feels a bit flimsy/like it will tear with use and I'd be hesitant to wash it unlike with my others.

Sizing - I'd say a large is too big for me, I'm 177cm, not heavily built and it's a bit baggy/looks like it's borrowed. Obviously it could shrink with washing but not able to comment on this (would be interested to hear from others). Large for STBK is just right on me by comparison.

Material... Conflicted. In terms of thickness it is hard to be sure but it feels like the same as the other two. However the cotton weave doesn't feel as thick/dense and it feels almost like it's slightly brushed. This makes me wonder if bees might get stingers caught by accident. I could be wrong.

Verdict - with the discount, I'd say it's fairly priced. Personally I think I prefer my Simon Pro one so if you can stretch to £50 then that's what I'd recommend. If you're starting and on a shoestring you're probably fine with the BPS. Currently deciding whether to keep the BPS as a spare or send it back, if it fitted I'd be more inclined to keep it.
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Just Steve 

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Jun 6, 2020
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I thought that for the discount price I'd give it a punt. I'm relatively new so perhaps not so informed as most on here but anyway...
I went for the Zonda for the ventilation during the hot weather. Size xl. I'm 5'10"tall, 40" waist chubster Grandad. The price is competitive with the discount code and the free delivery is speedy enough. It looks like it will do the job, second veil is nice, its elastic waisted and fits me comfortably . Not tried it yet but it looks like it is decent enough. I'd say that if you're on a tight budget it's probably a good option. Steve.


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Apr 25, 2022
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East Devon
I bought one of the Alize suits, in XL, but it is really too snug for me (very snug around the chest and upper legs) and not that easy to get on and off. I'm well within the size guide on the website so i'm wondering if this particular one has been sized labelled wrongly (or, it's a ladies suit and sized as such, although no mention on the product description that I can see).

I've emailed them to request an exchange.

Other than that, the delivery was very fast and the suit seems to be decent enough quality.

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