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Nov 14, 2008
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We know that the ocellei eyes on top of the bees head are used for detecting Ultraviolet light. The onging problems with the mating of drones and queens could be affected by UV light.

Is ultraviolet light to blame for queen problems?

I have been reading two books about Microorganisms, the mind boggles.

In one of them it discusses the issue of transference of genetics, and possible mutations.

Quote; mutations can occur naturally and can be induced by mutation –causing agents in the environment. For example suppose you observe the growth of 100 cells that began from a parent cell. If 90 of those cells replicate the parent cell and 10 are mutations, than the mutation rate is 10%.
Mutations that change or destroy the genetic code are called nonsense mutations. If nucleotides are added or deleted from mRNA the mutation as called a frame shift mutation.
Certain mutations make microorganisms resistant to antibiotics or increase their pathogenicity. There are many naturally occurring mutagens, such as radiation from x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet light. These rays break the covalent bonds between certain bases of DNA producing fragments.
Ultraviolet light binds together adjacent thyminesin a DNA strand, forming thymine dimmers that cannot function in protein synthesis. Some bacteria can repair damage caused by ultraviolet radiation by employing light –repairing enzymes that separate the dimmer into original two thymines. This process is called photoreactivation.

Have we anyone in the Forum who can possibly help with this finding to shed any light on the above text ?

Do we have any members involved in research work of any kind?

If so please be kind enough to contact M. Vaughan at Mo—[email protected]

\thank you

Mo Vaughan

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