Using one hive to raise Queen cells.

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Dec 4, 2008
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this is from Vince Cooks Book.

Essentially you need a colony on a double brood box and the split board and a feeder.

Put the young brood in the top box and give the Queen in the bottom box with empty combs to lay up.

Feed continuously and Vince states 2lb to a pint feed.

Feed for 8 days.

Check there are no cells in the top box. Switch the top box to the bottom and put the feed above it then the queen in what was the bottom box is put on the split board over the feed box. Entrance facing front. Double check she is in there.

Arrange the bottom box so that there is a gap, and next day introduce larvae.

Now then this is my twist here. As so many are put off by moving larvae why not give the queen in the previous week a frame of foundation and effectively do a Miller? In other words she will lay it up and the eggs will be hatching out. Cut the new comb so it is shaped into downwards facing triangles. Say three.

Knock out every other two grubs and make sure what you present is no older than 48 hours old.

Of course you can graft. Or use a Jenter. :)

Good luck.



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May 25, 2016
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This Vince Cook is a joke, he has stolen Harry Cloakes ideas and simply buggerized them to fly his own tattered flag. Immigration and customs have been alerted, he's not welcome back here ! the FAW

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