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Well this is wonderful but..............

Bees do nothing invariably.

Be prepared for the bees to reject the plugs, it DOES happen.

Grafting is more flexible, just a thought.

The only time I ever tried they filled the plugs with honey!
Like PH says learn to graft,I did and use the cups to graft into.
It is never straight forward. Blurbs are but blurbs............. bullsh**

I used the 'other' similar system which is on the market with pretty good results for a couple of years but discontinued it's use as I've developed a "thing" about plastics etc in the hive/proximity to the queen. Probably unfounded worries, but I'm happy to continue on the road which I've chosen.

Best Wishes,
just to say in my 3 years beekeeping I used Jenter box fist and she laid in every cell, got about 8 Q's as a result. Last year, did the Clive de Brun course at Stoneleigh (excellent) and grafted, only to find brace comb covering the cells! So, this year I think I'll try the Jenter again, although I'm not sure the brace thing was down to the method of obtaining the material. More about a feeling of good luck.
Hi Buzz

Hold your brace comb/cells up to a torch and simply cut out.....No harm to the cells, happens often in crowded cell builders.

You have a cell bar frame with all these methods..........The fact they fill the gaps with brace comb will not be changed what ever the method, wax cups or plastic.

Regards Ian
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Am trying both this year -Jenter and grafting -as a comparison- the key to it all is lots of bees in the breeding boxes!
I avoid the grace comb by putting a frame of foundation next to a frame feeder , this gives the well fed waxworkers something to do. I also grafft into cupkit cups- the cages are handy and its easier to graft than to get the queen to lay up the cells IMHO
Do you dip your own wax cups Rolande?

Hi Admin,

Yes I do, I've returned to the way I was taught as a child -to be honest there was no real reason to change in the first place -other than a liking for 'new/shiny gear....'!! But as I said before, I had no problems with using the kit, and think that it could prove a worthwhile investment to be honest.

All the Best,
I use cupkit all the time, you have the best of both worlds, nice cups to graft in to in out apiaries and the full box if you want to use it at home especially if you are selective breeding, with cupkit the cages can be put on so if one queen emerges early you do not loose the lot, also caged cells can be put in an incubator and the cell raiser kept going. All depends on how many and what nature queens you want. But one of the most important things beekeepers forget is DRONES, its no good raising lots of virgin queens if you are drone culling for Varoa control. Queen rearing is a full package that needs planning that should have started last autumn
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