Uniting with supers still on.

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House Bee
May 13, 2019
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How should i go about this.? I have a hive on DB and (stuffed) for want of a better word. I have given them a test frame and in three days they produced one very tiny emergency capped cell. I took it down .I have been through three times now and no sighn of eggs etc and in my records she should have been laying at least three weeks ago. They are not happy when i open up to check so im assuming they are Queenless. Although i may just try another test frame . They also have three supers on and at the moment a flow on with several fields of clover and brambles close by..
I have a paynes adapted to 8 frames nuc with a last years laying Queen with eggs and brood and my only spare Queen.I am strugling on how to go about this . I have used the newspaper method several times but never in this situation. Any comments please. Thank you
That was my way of thinking also ,but just needed a bit info from an experienced person. Thank You .