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Sep 5, 2010
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I think the beekeeper must be back in my area. They tend to move around here traveling to different locations with their bees. Last year I built my first TBH, and used lemon grass scent and swarm pheromone, sure enough some bees defected and I ended up with 2 colonies but the first colony was hit by a grub infestation due to me not having a smaller entrance on the hive and a big black beetle got in and did its dastardly deed laying eggs. Anyway what was left of the colony I put in a smaller nuke, but they had lost their queen, probably in the comb collapse.
At the moment non residential bees are pitching up to steal the sugar water I'm giving to my bees....I don't mind really because I got them for nothing to begin with...give and take...can get you rewarded. Then I thought I might experiment into how smart these critters I made a Nuke with a trick entrance. The slotted tile is false against solid wood the down pipe on the front with a little metal landing pad is the real entrance.

Anyway we can see a silly Bee approaching the slot in the photo. They buzzed around the Nuke for ages, probably thinking what sort of moron built this thing:smilielol5:...then I decided to open up the top and let them have a taste of the nice big pool of sugar water that awaited, shutting a few inside. Finally this few made their way out of the pipe....The seed was planted in their little, but impressive brain, and little by little they have taught the other girls how to get in.

With the war against bugs ever present maybe a few tricks are what the doctor doesn't seem to trouble the I'll have to think up trick entrance No. 2. :smilielol5: