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Mar 2, 2009
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Hi - a five frame nuc is being collected this evening and by the time we get home it will be at least 8pm. Weather and temperature permitting (it will still be light enough), is it possible to transfer the nuc to the new hive immediately or should the bees be allowed time to reorientate? They will be in a 'travelling box', is that the same as a 'nuc box' (which I understand allows bees to be kept in for a few days). The need to transfer them asap is only because of time constraints as there will not be another chance for quite a few days. Thank you for any advice.
personally i would pop them into their new home, give them some grub and leave them alone to settle and get over their trip.

Providing of course your new hive is already in its permanent place.
Travelling boxes tend to have a lot of mesh in the sides and top so are not ideal to leave them in over night if the temp drops. I would get the hive ready before you pick up the nuc then transfer them when you get home. :cheers2:
thank you for the helpful replies. the hive is in position so I will follow what has been suggested and hopefully get it right. I am helping a friend out here and he is a new beek just like I am. I have requested help on another thread re feeding! A more experienced beekeeper will be on hand to help him further when he comes to do his first inspection and find and mark his queen!
Hi Veg - this travelling box only has mesh over the top and then a roof fits on that. Would it still be a problem if they had to be left another day. I can make sure I go round and help him transfer them tomorrow if we are unsuccessful today for any reason.