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Nov 8, 2008
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Nr Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.
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Off to a 'Train the Trainers' meeting this morning......:hat:

My local this year are running two courses with visits to the Assosiation apiary and teaching every other week, the week out will be spent with local mentors, offering hive inspecting and general practical stuff which due to numbers cannot always be covered adequately during the teaching sessions - and of course during the one corses week out, the other course will have their teaching week in....I think I've made that unecessarily complicated, but I'm sure you get the picture......:)

I'm quite looking forward to being able to give back some of what has been given freely and without complaint or commitment to me.

Good on you, girl! At least women admit to some :toetap05:

I hope the Southern Assoc's will do something similar. Would be good to have a day for established bee keepers to up their standards without doing all the basic stuff.
Oh and before anyone posts any negative responses to this (there are a few of you y'know)

I am well aware of my own shortcomings thank you :cheers2:


go for it and have fun :D

you will without doubt learn more stuff while you are doing it, if you keep well away from the politics of the club then its a win win situation. every club needs someone to step up to the plate and give it a go.

I've spent the last few years as club trainer for a different hobby, but in the end the old stallwarts of the club didn't want the changes that were coming about. We left the club a few months ago which on a personnal side makes my life a lot easier but the people I was training feel a bit let down and have told us they dont really want to go to the other trainers.

good luck, your students WILL appreciate the time and effort you put in :cheers2:
Good luck with the teaching, given the upsurge in beekeeping, smaller groups and more people being involved must be a good idea helping to take the pressure of others.Hope you enjoy it Frisbee.Ainsie
I have also been asked to do the train the trainers course but am having difficulty finding a college close that does it.
I have also been asked to do the train the trainers course but am having difficulty finding a college close that does it.

Oh....well this was more a meeting, with a man who is in charge of the Lincolnshire College Apiary and teaches beekeeping. He/we were discussing what a teacher needs, what the aims are, how to put it across......what not to do. I think from reading the thread over on the "other" that some places are going to be more formally structured and I suppose in my local association circumstance, it's more a case of you have a group of people who got to the local for the more structured training and then every other week they are split into geographical groups of two or three and visit a mentors apiary and have some hands on practice. That's how I see it anyway, and there was nothing in today's meeting that made me think I was going up the wrong track, but that sounds quite different to what you are describing VEG.

Anyway, it was very interesting and informative, it was nice to put faces to names as I am never able to get to my local meetings as I am otherwise occupied on their night.

Veg, I thought that you were a radio amateur? If so, you might have been familiar with the "Train The Trainers" courses run under the auspices of the RSGB.

This is undoubtedly similar, in that it seeks to guide Trainers, new and established, so that techniques and guidance can be given to people who may not be teachers or have developed the necessary skills. In a lot of cases it is a good place to find out how your way of doing things stacks up with the, presumably, official view of the umbrella organisation, be that BBKA L&RBKA or the RSGB.

It is also often used as an opportinity to set out the party line, standards expected and a degree of conformity between what is advocated and presented by individual trainers.

Hope you had a good day Frisbee. As expected[?] :)
I thought you meant the City & Guilds course. :cheers2:


Err, not this year.

Hi Frisbee

are you doing the training for L&RBKA or is Lincolnshire

And hopefully you can take him aside and tell him how to sort his F*****g browser . . . :grouphug:

signed - Frustrated Rowley
And hopefully you can take him aside and tell him how to sort his F*****g browser . . . :grouphug:

signed - Frustrated Rowley

I doubt it..........I barely know what a browser is let alone know how to sort one me a browser is a goat, as opposed to a grazer, which is a cow :hat:, or a router which is a :piggy: or it could be a thing to dig holes in wood.....?

I have others I ask about computer things :cheers2:

I see . . .

Unashamedly stolen. I must find time to make a couple.

I would like to go on record and say there is nowt up with my f****** browser
just bits of this one.

are you a violinist or a fiddler ?


Frisbee will you teaching at the Walton Apiary

And please Miss do you like apples Miss??
Frisbee will you teaching at the Walton Apiary

No - I'll (hopefully) be one of the mentors, so you (or not you) get to visit my apiary every other week for some hands on practice. :grouphug:

And please Miss do you like apples Miss??

Errr........yes, apples, pears, Ferraris.....anything like that really :rofl: :rofl: