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May 24, 2009
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9 Medium Poly, mostly foundation-less. Some run as Warre TBH
Can someone work out the total number of cells in a medium Langstroth box. Please :)

The frame size being the same as the Dadent super frame 19"x6 1/4"

There are 10 frames in the box.

Just work out the surface area of the wax (2 sides) in square centimetres and then multiply by 4 cells per sq cm. This will give a good approximation of the number of cells available.

See the sticky on frame sizes.


p.s. would do it for you but putting out dinner ha ha .
Try the Thorne catalogue, 'bout page 8, or several books, internet sites?

I'm too busy too.

I've come up with a figure of 41,600 roughly.

Anyone concur.
I would say just under 50 000 cells per frame. Have a look at this for the brood box and work it out for a super:


see the table in page 4.

Hope this will help

I do not know why the link did not come up. It is
*******************/files/beginner-bee-equipment.pdf. Just add the www.
Thanks Norton thats great.

Cheers Hazem for trying :)
Norton is close to correct.

85k quoted in Dadant list (per Thorne), for 11 Hoffman in the brood.

Foundation sizes are quoted as 10.75 (for brood) and 5.75 (for super).

Sooo, assuming you might lose about 0.5 (at top and bottom bars)

We have: 85k *5.25/10.25 for 11 frames = 43.5k (that is if brood were shortened to super depth).

With only 10 frames instead of 11, that would be reduced to 39.5k (former result divided by 1.1 before rounding).

Hazem, not sure where you are getting 50,000 cells per frame!

Onge, not sure where the 19 inch frame comes from? Length of top bar presumably?

Looks like the raw data were only to the nearest 100 cells, at best, so the answer would not be better than plus or minus, say, 250 and be a theoretical value.

Hope this helps.

Regards, RAB
I counted the cells. The cell size is 5.4 by the way. You would of course get a different figure if say the cell size was 5.1 as is commonly used in the USA. Thorne's might be 5.7 - but cannot be sure as I don't have any to measure.
4.9 would see an increase by about 25% over 5.4.
Best regards
Onge, not sure where the 19 inch frame comes from? Length of top bar presumably?

Yes thats the top bat length.

where you need those calculations?

I presume you mean why ?

Well I was thinking of going all one box size and the medium depth poly Langstroth seems like a good proposition.

I think the full depth brood throughout would be to heavy as I work alone and don't have a giant extractor.

I'm still undecided though.
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