TN27 Tenterden area - any local beekeepers with a head for heights able to help a mate of mine ?

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Jul 18, 2011
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A mate of mine has had a swarm enter an old swallows nest in the roof today and wanted some advice so reaching out to any local beekeepers in Tenterden TN27 Kent area.

Any suggestions ?

My initial thought is that they might be using the nest as an entrance, but they've possibly found access to a larger void beyond it.

thanks so get in the loft space and see if there is a new swarm before they start building out tooooo much comb and make it a permanent home ?
start building out tooooo much comb and make it a permanent home
Too late for that, but at least the nest will be small; going through the loft is the only practical method. Cut & frame the combs into a poly nuc and leave it on the nest location overnight, then remove at dusk, or hoover the bees out with beevac, frame the combs and re-unite the two later.

Building construction may interfere with a tidy plan: the pitched roof frame may be hollow and offer nest space, or the bees may have gone behind the shiplap into the void between that and the wall. Let us know how it goes.