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Sorry not good for hives it is only good as an interior timber it will rot if left outside the most common use was in stairs the strings in particular.
Can anyone recommend a supplier for red cedar wood to self build some bee hives ?


I buy from Timbmet.Rough sawn boards which I plane and thickness to size.If you don't have your own machining facilities , you can get a local joinery firm to do it for you.I don't know if PAR boards are available in cedar.
Give S L Hardwoods a go they stock a large array of exotic timbers either planed or sawn and can deliver.
Google for them.

Regards Gillybee.
timbnet quoted me 45m rough sawn 6 x 1
works out at £13.25 for a langstroth super inc vat & delivery.

jewsons (who are part of international timber) can plane down to 19/20mm and quoted equivalent of £16.30 per super inc vat and delivery.

I don't have a planer/thicknesser so jewsons better option for me.

compare to Thornes price of £20.00 + vat (del free £100 +) for 23mm inc nails.

So I "save" £7.20 by making my own (approx 20 from min quantity) but Thornes will be knot free and jewsons might not be. But it's £144 saving.

Wonder how much cedar langstroth supers cost in France?
Timbmet charge £900.00 per cu metre I seem to remember this worked out at £1.00 per ft run so about £7.50 for a national super .Langstroth will work out slightly more.National broodboxes work out just over the £10.00 mark.Timbmey have yards up here in Scotland in Glasgow and "down south" in Abingdon.In the midlands try Jenkins at Hinkley.Jewsons are charging a lot for planing and thicknessing.

International quoted me £1000 cu metre but by the time I add VAT and delivery then it adds up. Timbnet will supply 6 x 1" rough sawn.

I wonder if I calculated it correctly? (the jewsons price is correct though)

A langstroth super finishes at 5.75" x 20/22mm. Finished size is 16.25" x 20" so I reckon 1.85m per super.

The cost should be not much more than a national super so where am I going wrong?

I buy 50 6x1 boards @ 8.0ft long at a time .This gives 5 - 18 1/8 lengths per board plus a small amount for cutting to length.In addition I buy 8 ft boards of 2x8 for making the cleats on the sides of the national boxes. The langstroth boxes are finger jointed together so don't need the extra wood for cleats. I'm fully kitted out with wood machinery having just retired from a furniture making business so my costs are for rough cut materials.I don't buy wider timber because I make up the wider planks for brood boxes using biscuit joints and waterproof glue either urea formaldehyde or polyurethane ( Gorilla type).Perhaps I get a trade discount on my timber as an ex trade customer - I have never queried the prices I get from Timbmet in Glasgow.I do know however that I can make hives at about 1/3 Thornes prices.If I add labour costs they work out at 1/2 Thornes prices.It pays to shop around a bit and query prices if you think they're too high.
Thank you for that.

I was looking for material cost of 30% of Thornes and you have confirmed that.

i will go back to them and re-check prices.
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Hi and thanks to everyone, im based in Manchester and looking to use up some of my time to make some hives i need. Sticking point was finding a company to supply wood at a competitive price.

Thanks again


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