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I thought the one on nicotine and caffeine was interesting. Perhaps OSR has lots of either or both, and the bees are cold 'turkey' when the flow finishes! Might explain why they are so agitated.
Yes my thoughts exactly
I found the first article particularly interesting - it underlines how damned thick the pharmaceutical companies are in assuming that the best way to use a plant medicine is to "isolate the active ingredient" (and then produce a patentable chemical near-clone).
Alternative medics have known about "synergy" or cocktail effects for a long time - nature's been using them all along.......... sadly the agrochemical companies do their utmost to avoid the inconvenient truth that the panoply of thousands of toxins pumped into our ecosystem MUST similarly interact....
CCD anyone?
Of note in one of the other articles was the fact that GM is a Pandora's box that should never have been opened - the lid should certainly be slammed shut immediately, and the companies responsible made to do their utmost to clear up the mess.......(even if it breaks them.....)

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