Three hives stolen near Congleton

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Oct 19, 2009
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Newport, South Wales
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I just received this message from our BKA:

Three hives of bees were stolen from Clonter Opera Farm near Congleton sometime between 23rd January and 14th February (most likely between 7th and 14th Feb.). Obviously beekeepers need to be alert that unscrupulous bee-dealers are operating in the area.

These three hives were of a unique design and home-manufacture, so are unlike any others in the country. They are square Dadant hives (20” square outside dimensions), with home-made mesh floors and box crown boards to match. One of the hives was made up of two shallow supers forming the brood chamber. The frames are very sturdy, wired, with stud spacers on the right-hand frame side bar – so an asymmetrical spacing system. Two of the roofs are WBC type, and the third is an apex roof , where the side walls go down by about 30cm thus effectively providing an outer wall for the hive in the winter. All the roofs have aluminium cladding.

It may be that the bees will be removed from the hives and the hive parts discarded.

If you come across bees being sold on Dadant frames, or any hive parts of the above description, please contact Pete Sutcliffe immediately on 01477 532171.

If you prefer to contact the police anonymously, the incident number is IML 923003.

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