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Spent ages looking on their web site but cant find that date on there.

The sale may go on all month, but the good items broods/floors/frames tend to go in the first couple of weeks. Or at least they have in previous years.

Regards Ian
Well since the sale starts on 6th of January, that's over a week to go, and they will have been closed over Christmas. I would be inclined to start looking a day or so before, not now.

I've heard it's very good, anybody got tales to tell?

Ahhh:svengo: Well spotted Frisbee:cheers2: You would have thought I might have read the link I posted!

It is always the same having a 2 week holiday, I have no idea what day it is!

I've heard it's very good, anybody got tales to tell?

They sell pretty much the same items they offer on sale at Stoneleigh Spring Convention. January sale is marginally more expensive than Stoneleigh but without the fighting :boxing_smiley: So given that you'll spend about ?15 to get into Stoneleigh, why waste half the morning in a scrum when you could go to a couple of good lectures instead?
The quality is fine, and sometimes excellent. It's 2nd grade wood which means the odd knot in the wood but perfectly okay. Frames are supposed to be 2nds too but you can barely tell.
Recived my package from thornes the other day, but it is missing 50 sheets of deep brood foundation:toetap05: will phone them monday morning.