think mine has swarmed

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mark s

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Jun 9, 2009
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hi all
i think my hive has just swarmed,there are bees allover the garden and a rather large group on the wall,as my queen was clipped im assuming that she has not gone with them as they are now all over the front of the hive going back in.
plaese can you advise as to what course of action i can take now,or should i let them all settle down and then do an a/s
thanx mark
Yes good to do it today if you can. What a relief she was clipped!
yes it was shall wait till later when its calmed down or should ido it right away??
If your clipped queen is lost then you can't do the AS. Best course of action is a fact-finding inspection. Are there queen cells? Is the queen present?

Most likely scenario is a lost queen but sealed queen cells present. In which case you can split if you wish but it's not necessary - just reduce to 1 queen cell.
hi all
heres an update,hope ive done this right,inspected hive after swarm and found the marked queen and several q/c so ive moved the queen and the frame she was on into the new hive as well as another frame of brood and a frame of stores,also put in an frame feeder as well,is that the right thing to do??
the old hive i destroyed all q/c bar the one(i hope) and have moved the frames together and added new frames of foundation too this have to take up the there anything that ive not done that i should have
thanx mark
Did you place the original queen and the new hive in the position of the old hive ? so she gets all the foragers back ? this will give them the impression they have swarmed.
yes they all went back in after a while admin but came back out again
and no ive not put the new hive back on the old position should i have done this straight away or can i go out there and doit now??
thanx for the info grizzly ive just moved the new hive into the old position

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