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Aug 24, 2009
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Hi all. I admit I have just commited a cardinal sin and purchased a pot of honey from Sainsburys - Canadian Clover Honey....and me with all this honey too ?!

Actually, I was intrigued to find out how a pure clover honey tasted - it appears similar to OSR blended, but a very nice sweet fragrant taste - as in the UK it is so hard to get single flora honeys (apart from OSR and Heather)

Price - 340g for £2.39 which is very cheap (Taste the Difference too)

But I was wondering what everyone intends to charge for honey this season (assuming there is no issue with supply)

Perhaps everyone could respond in the following way...

Honey variety (mixed/single flora/cut comb)
Pot size (oz or g)
Price £
Sold via (outlets/garden gate/wholesale/all)

as it would be difficult to do a poll.

Does anyone else hanker after a particular honey variety ? I also have some Aussie and Indian honey in the cupboard (the latter is very dark, very large crystals when set)


I feel a bit shamefaced now. I've been planning to charge:

Honey variety: mixed
Pot size 120g
Price £2.99
Sold via : Garden gate

There's been a great deal of interest in my honey from the extended community around me, and some people even think I'm under-charging.

I'm a firm believer that people prefer smaller jars/smaller quantities of honey. It might just be a "London" lifestyle thing tho ...
People ought to be able to charge £5/lb easily, don't give your stuff away to the public, (friends and family a different matter of course:cheers2:) smaller jars should also carry a premium as they are so fiddly.
Why, when Tesco and Waitrose have honey priced anything from 1.69 to 10.99 (ok that's manuka but still), for 100g to 454g, why are local beekeepers looking at such low prices for our own honey? Shouldn't local honey be worth more? (This post is not motivated by greed, but by honest-to-goodness curiousity)
Indeed they SHOULD Margo but....

to be honest the presentational skills are lacking.

Today in my local butcher I picked up a pound jar of blossom honey and the jar was sticky, the tamper evident label was near burst and the price was £3-99. A bog standard label and a bog standard jar. *shrug* Worse still this was the produce from a Bee Farm. No doubt he moans about the price he achieves.

If there is a good label, an interesting jar and decent clean honey in it, then you can pretty much pick your price.

But it is so easy to do it badly, just as easy actually as to do it well.

Over to you.


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