The heather is out on the Ashdown Forest

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clare p

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Jul 12, 2009
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East Sussex
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1 new Nuc and a swarm caught on the 10th July
I have a nucleus that has now filled 7 frames in my wbc, is there any point in putting on a super, I have one with about 6 drawn frames, they are so busy on the heather about 1/2 a mile away it may be a shame to miss out
What do you think
Cheers C:willy_nilly:lare


my son is up and wanted me to add the willynillies
I think you are pushing your luck as they still have 3 frames of brood to start.
If you add super now they wont fill much and you may be depriving very important brood of necessary food. Just allow them to grow this year and look forward to that honey next year. IMO....

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