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Mar 21, 2009
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Hi all,
Just wondered will my bees swarm if they are superseding a failing queen there is a few queen cells but only about five frames of brood if that. I have been told by a beekeeper they won’t swarm because there isn't enough bees in the hive is that right? :svengo:
Hi Neil
How many cells are there and whereabouts on the frame ? you could always open one up and see if its been built on the face of the comb or they have extended a cell from the frame. If its the latter its probably an emergency cell.
With regards to supercedure and swarm its a bit more difficult, i would not leave more than two in there.

I have not heard of a nuc swarming but if more than one queen hatches she could fly with a handful of bees. ( i made this mistake last weekend, a hive of mine had built QC, they are queenless, i released 4 virgins and decided to leave them to it, when i go back next weekend ill be lucky if a few have not flown and taken some bees with them.) i tend to learn the hard way sometimes. :biggrinjester:
Hi Grizzly,
I know there isn,t a queen in the hive and there is about two or three emergency cells but will this nuc size hive swarm?
one cell should hatch out first, and she should kill the others, in which case providing there is room on the frames for her to lay once mated, i doubt very much that they will swarm.

However, i am far from an expert, this is only my first full year, perhaps one of the more experienced could interject.