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Mar 16, 2009
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Shropshire, UK
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i got my first call out yesterday since being added to the web site list for Shropshire, for swarm collecting.
So I asked "Are you sure they are honey bees? They are not bumble bees are they?"
"Oh yes they are honey bees" came the reply "they are small and black"
So great I thought. My one colony have lost the queen over winter. So I was thinking its either a colony that has survived the winter under his shed - which must be good considering last year was awful for bees, or else its an early swarm. Either of which would suit me fine.
When I walked round the back of the house there was no cloud of bees that I was expecting . Then he pointed out one of the bees in the floor of a shed he was demolishing.
Suffice to say that eventually i returned home with a cardboard box full of yellow stripey bumble bees with white backsides. I scooped the nest into the box and when i got home found a plastic box that fitted over the top to keep the rain off and cut them a little entrance using a knife.
They seem to like it. Well i suppose I wanted a bumble bee nest.....but I would rather have some honey bees at the moment.
Never mind Geoff, ive had two calls for swarms, still yet to actually return with anything, so you have done better than i.

And well done for keeping the bumble bees going.
you lot are making me pig sick i have had six call outs all for bumble bees and one hornet nest, i am well fed up. just seems to be someone else doing it ,i dont know about or no swarms where i live except for my lot getting ready to swarm but thats under control. ha ha ha ha
Lol I would be happy with a phonecall/callout for anything at the moment :cheers2:

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