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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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What are the main pollen types available to bees in Feruary/March in the uk?


Any others?
I don't know about "main", but the box hedge in our garden is always a huge attraction around end of March. The flowers are tiny and they don't carry big lumps away but it obviously has some value.
I think Hazel should be added to your list Admin
:cheers2: Mike
I'm not sure about gorse. I've never seen them working it.

Oops! (late edit) Just checked 'ooper and he says they will collect pollen from it.

He also lists hazel and I think this is one of the first around here as we have very little willow or sallow.
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only a townie would come up with that list, try this lot

biggest draw surely would be hazel and birch with black thorn and haw thorn, and if like me you are in the urban jungle i would add cheery to that as well,

gorse is one of those plants that i only ever see them working as a last resort but i have never seen a gorse bush without a flower on it

they are many weeds poping up at the moment so dandilion will be soon so will things like crocus and daffs, alot of the local posh houses that i used to cycle past used to have a large area set aside for heathers and magnolia will also bloom soon
HP ..don't think daffs are much use for to bee's.
for necture no they are not but for pollan they are as the bees can get to it , the street trees by me which are cherry apple type dont know what and a few others are all starting to bud up so give it till early march and the flowers will be out, if we get a warm spell evan sooner. the thing is it realy depends where you are and whats on the go , being a birmingham based i get a very nuch larger choice than i ever did in wales or south warwickshire, i could see flowers in gardens in late winter this year as every thing was so far out of plan

haw thorn should start as the black thorn finishs which were i am is around early aprill and yes admin at around the apple and pear season, but some thing do get into flower earlier than normal
by Hivemaker
HP ..don't think daffs are much use for to bee's.

reply by Hp
for necture no they are not but for pollan they are as the bees can get to it

Please members read what I said last year about daffs being toxic to bees.
Bees do not, will not go near daffs.


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