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Oct 16, 2010
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Fife, Scotland
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Hi all!

I have some photography equipment for sale. Up for grabs is a Nikon F5 35mm SLR camera with a f/.18 50mm prime lens. I'm selling these as a kit, along with a UV filter, a macro reversal rings (they allow you to mount the lens on the camera back to front, so you can take macro photos without having to shell out on an expensive macro lens; both ends of the reverser are included, so you can mount filters on the reversed lens), also the box for the lens and the manual for the camera. All in all, this kit is worth about £700 - £800, but I've set a starting price of £400 and a Buy It Now of £600 on eBay.

Also, there are a couple of Apple Mac computers and an XBox 360. One of the Macs has a 1.8GHz dual-processor upgrade card, which makes it hella fast.

All items are fully tested and are in perfect working order! If you're interested in any of these, have a look at my auctions:

Camera stuff:
Mac 1:
Mac 2:
XBox 360:

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