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Apr 16, 2009
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uk, Abingdon
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Hi there,

New on forum but had bees some years ago in different country . And now i have a situation with my bees here.

decided to keep bees here in uk few months ago, so got the equipment except foundation. don't know why. A few days ago got a call that there is a swarm around. got the swarm but was stuck with not having foundation. So decided to get them in brood box and let them build like they want, ( foundation ordered but is going to be here at weekend) later add another broodbox with foundation.

my idea was to get the queen laying as quickly as possible, later just separate old broodbox with queen separator, get the brood out, remove the BB and things will go normal.

This is how i think it should work, any kind of advice welcome. I have never used National type of hive before, always had hives where you expand to the sides.

You must have had one of the 1st swarms of the season. Where are you located?
with regard to the bees if you had any wax at all even 1 sheet I would have cut it into very small strips to give them a guidleine starter on each frame or even just 3 frames get in touch with your local association I am sure a member would be only to willing to lend you some till you can replace it.
Hi Lauri
Yes let us know where you are, there could well be a member on here local to you who could help ??
Oxfordshire, Marcham near Abingon is the place where i am situated. And the swarm was found On Tuesday ( 14th of April). It wasn't very big one, would say 1,5 kg most but bees were really calm and easy to handle. Got one sting on my lower lip but that was all:)
I couldn't get hold of any bee keepers because i don't know any in this area. even locals couldn't tell me.

So at the moment i put them half a litre jar of sugar syrup ( 1:1) for food . weather is as it is - not good. I am thinking some kind of protein feed to give them, good thing would be to get hold some pollen. In old times bee keepers use to use yeast to boost the protein up in the feed.

PS! I am originally from Estonia - so not far from Finland:)

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