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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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i am a member of several other forums , not on bees i might add. on these other forums as you would at a club we have a monthly meeting, its all done online so no car traveling etc. would this be some thing that others want, we use the same sort of set up as here, but i do like the instance response you can get to question and statements. we also tell other what we are going to be talking about, for instance on the wine forum we have gone and brought a bottle of wine , and a bottle of beer, these we then talk about as part of the wine tasting. is this some thing anyone else wants??
Pete, I quite like the idea of this and would be interested in giving it a go. Admin might have to revise his 'most users on line' string to allow for a few naughts though!
Sounds like a plan.
You know.. you guys sound like you need an irc chat room. I have the knowledge if you fancy one.
Cie, whats IRC? and by the way my family hail from Amesbury -many generations back ran the blacksmiths at top of the old high street :cheers2:
I will let this thread run to see what ideas members come up with.

If enough members are interested then I can build an instant chat into the forum using Flash.

It would save anyone having to login more than once.
Just login to the forum and hit the Chat button..

What do you think ?
Hit the chat button! My IT skill set runs to that. Just leaves the original point raised by Pete of a monthly (or other interval) day and time?
Rosti, it's a nice place, know of any out sites?

Sorry Cie, my arm of the familly moved away from Amesbury some 200+ years ago, just took the name with us, any local knowledge may be a little out of date! Most of my lot are around 'Brissle' now my Luvver. R
I agree that a chat room should be added to the forum :)

It can then remain open at any time so if anyone pops in and chat with anyone else there.

With the chat room running it's very easy to publish a 'meeting' in one of the threads (I would suggest a setion just for chats), these can happen at any time, but I also like the idea of a monthly set time one as well.

Mark................just do it :)

Yours Roy
Having been an irc user for a long time I know the geeky benefits, however I think that a flash chat room is better suited for forums. There are many advantages to having it built in, although if it become popular bandwidth usage will go up I'm sure.
Hmm, monthly meeting - sounds good, so long as its not too technical, or I will get bored and not try again if I cant access it....oops!
Hit the chat button! My IT skill set runs to that

Huh! mine don't! can't find any button wot says that on my keyboard!

Regards, RAB

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