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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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I have noted recently that the likes of garden centres have either zero or very little honey left. One garden centre I visited today had t jars of honey labelled as borage but it was very poor quality and set!

It is our village garage sale on the 10th May and I have advertised that I will be selling eggs and honey. I normally sell to friends family and works colleges so no need to advertise.

On advertising this, a local shop and garden centre have both contacted me desperate for honey.

I have 20 jars left and the bidding now starts at ?3 per jar!
Just import a few tonnes of Chinese honey and sell it as english ;)

(That was my attempt at sarcasm against some beekeepers who have done this in the past).
I am sure it has been done!!!!

I have 4 hens and I sell all the eggs to a couple of people at work. They somtimes forget that 1 hen = 1 egg per day (if you are lucky)

The other lads at work are now winding this one guy that buys most of my eggs that I go to Aldi and buy their cheap 6 for 50p (ish) and rub a bit of mud on and a few feathers for effect!!!:spam: Would I:toetap05:

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