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House Bee
Nov 7, 2008
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My SGC arrived on Friday so I am off shopping this weekend:D

I am looking for a u/o 12g for rought/game shooting.

Then will be on to my neighbours farm for the odd pigeon , pheasant or duck, purley fior my freezer and maybe a few freinds and family.
Moderators are my speciality!
And i thought you had a really soft spot for the mods. bet i know what this may be.
Bought myself a new shotgun at the weekend.

A Browning 525 game light weight.

Picking it up this weekend as I am having the stock modified to fit me.

Cant wait!
Do you have to get a license for it?
Good choice of make enzyme,i wish you loads of fun and good sport with your new gun,i know that feeling of can't wait.
Do you have to get a license for it?

No I just met this guy in the pub car park and he said £50 and its yours!:toetap05:

Off course I got I licence. I am now " an upstanding citizen, entrusted to hold a firearm"

Fully vetted and Police approved.
You want to get something done about that eye, you won't hit a thing like that.
Thats true.

The post above reminded me of the only fools sketch when Dell gets out the van with the Purdey box he has borrowed and pulls out a sawn-off.

Welcome to the gun club Enzyme - I remember you submitting your certificate application!! I've got a bolt action single 410 - sorts out the local vermin - incl mods - a treat. Food for thought - you don't need two barrels if you are a good shot:)
Happy hunting Mike
you don't need two barrels if you are a good shot

with one of mine i have three shots is this cheating:)
I am still getting the hang of it, but lots to go at.

I am more use to one barrel as well (rifle) which is hard getting used to a shotgun

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