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several 5/6 frame national nucs for sale.

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pete darbyshire 

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Mar 12, 2018
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40 (+ nucs and mating hives)
I have quite a few nuc colonies for sale. They were early splits from my main colonies. that have been re-queened with a 2021 marked queen.
Open mated 2nd gen Buckfast strain. Very calm bees.
Some have been moved to hives, some to 1/2 hives, but all are ready for more space and I have run out of hives. There has just been a lime nectar flow and they are full!!
Supplied in a correx nuc box with 5 frames and all the bees shaken in, or you can bring a hive to put them into.
I suggest you veiw/choose the bees and collect the following evening or early morning. I can deliver locally (15 mile max)
Chesterfield area £190.00 inc. correx box.
I do not want to sell any of the wooden boxes that they are in at present, but have some plywood travel boxes if you prefer wood to correx.
pm me on here

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