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Aug 5, 2009
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8 and 3's swarm time...
We are looking at what we are going to plant in the "bee field" next year. The previous owner ignored the field, so it is currently a mixture of grasses, as well as red/white clover.

We're planning on adding Sainfoin to the mix, as well as more white clover. Sainfoin is apparently good news for bees, as well as making good hay (of secondary importance for me). It's a legume, so it doesn't need any fertiliser, and we'll continue the wild flower mix in the margins.

Anyone used it...before we go and plonk down 5 acres of it!?!
I remember there being an article about Sainfoin in Beecraft i think but haven't got access to it sorry.

Someone here will I'm sure :)
I think you need dry chalky soil for the best results. And sunshine. It's good for nectar but zero for pollen. The honey doesn't have a very pronounced flavour, and crystallizes slowly giving fine crystals. Here, it grows spontaneously among other wild flowers in fields abandoned by farmers.
We had quite a lot of honey from sainfoin last year - nice light flavour with a hint of peppermint. Worth planting.

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