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Dec 6, 2008
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Hi All
Did An inspection yesterday; I have one hive with a queen from Norton last year, this colony is getting a bit tight for room even in my inexperienced eyes.
Seven full frames of varying brood, just a small area around the edges for stores. Three frames stuffed with pollen and stores, (no space left) leaving just one outside frame which has pollen and stores on just the one side.
I know there have been other threads on space and winter bees, but surely this hive is getting TIGHT, should I not give them some extra room??
Oh by the way it?s a 14x12 hive to boot.

It is time to give more space. Otherwise colony begins to swarm.

Put the new store under the brood box. More food frames to lower box and put ready combs to lower box.

If you have not drawn combs, put store frames in lower box and foundations up.

When new bees emerge, bees occupye the lower store.

You may encourage to occupye the lower store so that you put two brood frames in lower box and 2 new frames up.
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Hi Rich,
Putting another brood box under the existing as Finman suggests will make an enormous colony which will require a very prolific queen to keep it going.
If you are happy with your 14 x 12 brood size then add a super over a queen excluder this will allow the bees to spread out and if you only have foundation in the super it will quickly be drawn out by the emerging young bees.
:cheers2: Mike
Thanks Finman and MJBee
If all the reports I've heard about Norton?s queens are right, it will keep building, so although I have added a super with 50mm of insulation over it, (done as an emergency action) I will be looking to put another brood box under the 14x12 in a day or so.
We have quite a bit of rape about here and most is looking really good, so hopefully I'll have at least one nice big colony ready for it.
Maybe this year they will actually fly over the dual carriageway to collect the pollen and nectar and not ignore it lol


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