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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
Following on from the thread on new hives, I noted the 4" roof.

I found that they were liable to being sucked off hives by wind.

6" on the other hand were not prone to it as the depth made the roof "cock" so it jammed on the angle and stayed put.

I do wonder why 4" is the standard depth as it is not that secure.

The roof is primarily a waterproof cover for the hive.

The top surface is flat, with a waterproof metal cover, and the sides are usually 4 inches in depth and extend down over the sides of the hive.

Deeper roofs are available for areas where it is felt that high winds might lift shallower ones.

(From the Somerset beekeepers website).
Since the advent of apiguard etc, requiring the use of an eke ,the 4" roof is inadequate regards weatherproofing especially when cross wind driven squalls are about, I though not in an exposed location, use 6" roofs exclusively.

I too have 6" depth roofs, but as the Fens is very windy at times, I keep the hives strapped down with ground stakes and a racket webbing strap. Removing the webbing strap does not take very long and helps to keep the hive right side up.

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