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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the standards of workmanship displayed by possibly the largest beekeeping retailer have slipped.

Have a look at the pics, and before you say it care and attention are always taken when assembling peices, they were NOT seconds.
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This is how forums work very well with members discussing products.

I had the same problem last year with a batch of 50 frames,I had to trim the wax foundation 10mm to get it to fit.

When I complained on my next visit I was told I should of returned them,but thats no good when you have frames to build and you have to travel or return by post.

In conclusion yes on some products they do need to address quality control,If I pay a top price I expect a top product.

Those parts look like seconds to me...
i have asked the management for an 80% refund, ill pay 20% simply as i repaired it and used.

Well they charged me the top price, perhaps now when visiting this shop i will open all flat packs onsite and check before leaving the shop !!.
Alternatively, you could always take your custom elsewhere!

I too had to trim about 1/4" of wax of the foundation when making up the frames. I can only think there is that much tolerance in the frame. Better too much foundation than not enough.
I have only ever bought seconds and would expect there to be some problems, (never had any probs with seconds) so if i had paid for top quality and got shoddy goods i would make sure they replaced the items and paid the postage.
Which supplier did you get these from?
Cummon Veg

Thornes of course.

When S&B were still in business I always bought from them as their stuff was so much better.

Whenever I've had issues with stuff from Thornes I have phoned up Wragby and I usually have a replacement part, free of charge by post, within a couple of days even though I have bought seconds.

Good service I think.
Yes they are good when it comes to refunds or replacements, no problems there, i just think that quality control has slipped somewhat.

Had a lengthy mail today from Gill about why they have so little stock, if you went to Stockbridge you would think the company had gone bust the shelves are so empty, her explanation went some way to extinguishing my bonfire.
i only buy the seconds frame to give away i wont use them in my hives i only buy firsts i cant be bothered to sit for hours making frames to find they dont fit ect. i truely belive in you pay for what you get also they last a lot longer than most other frames.some times a penny saved is a pound lost

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