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Nov 9, 2008
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Extracted a few supers today, last year when i did it i had a smaller extractor and only about 18lb of honey.

This time around i have a larger extractor and a much larger amount of honey, when draining the honey from the extractor into holding containers, i only used a conical filter, just to get rid of the large debris, but this time i noitced a fair bot of white froth, some of which i caught in the filter, some got through into the containers.

Are they air bubbles ?

How long do you usually let the honey sit for ?

What i was going to do was leave it overnight, then early evening tomorrow strain it again through much finer filters into another container, before filling the honey jars.

Would you leave it for a further 24 hours after my next filter, before putting into jars. ?
you can remove the froth by laying cling film on it & lifting it off

The cling film surprisingly works really well. A bit sticky and messy but great.

I tried sucking it up with a syringe but it was too slow but this seems OK for jars only. I watched this go all over the floor as the cling film was lifted off the bucket.

Martin does similar but seems to make more mess than it is worth but then you blokes are not as tidy as us.

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Well, i had a bit of a disaster, not with the honey, but the filament connection on my uncapping tray decided to work its way loose, boiling hot water started to pour over my table, and everywhere - not funny, particularly as the first thing you do is grab the tray, lol, which is also piping hot.

I failed to try and make any form of recovery with the wife at that point, someone did not check the connetion was watertight before filling with water and heating it up did they !!!!!!!!!.

grizzly sits in corner with Dunces cap on.
I put baking paper on the surface of honey and it catch small impurities and air bubbles in 24 hours.
I leave the froth on and keep the last jars with it in/on for using myself or to give away as freebies.

Invest in a high tech white plastic spatula and see these issues err........ scrape away......