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Dec 4, 2008
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"However, there is a difference between laziness and need for information. I
might suggest that those with the simplest beginners questions FIRST look to
any beekeeping primer or page of beginners instructions to see if the answer
is readily available.

Once one has taken the time to do some modicum of "homework," then the value
of a "discussion group" is to analyze the contrary pieces of advice offered
to beginners. The key word to this discussion is "informed."

Beginners can benefit greatly by listening to, and occasionally joining
into, informed discussion."

Now those who read my posts will see why I smiled..LOL

Bee-L is arguably one of the best moderated bee discussion groups on the web though basic questions are not so gently accepted. ;)

In defence of the list, it was set up to be a place for 'Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology'. It is a place where only the well-mannered posts get through, usually (!), and although the list clearly isn't the place for raw beginners to ask basic questions, sometimes they do turn up and are usually treated kindly.

True Gavin and gently but firmly steered towards the archives..LOL

the big problem with sending beginers to the archives , is that unless the moderator or some one else has gone through the finished thread and put a summery on the end some of these threads can be massive and have the messages could be removed because they either copy one an other in agreement or just people pulling the topic off track. as a user of forums i love the ability to ask for other peoples oppinions but its most inportant to me that iam able to get a definite answer to the question
Sorry admin, I will now have to leave this forum and join the B-L, it is more my type of forum:svengo:
You will have to take your bees to the almonds from now on then...
On that topic I used to be amazed at the on or two line adds in ABJ and BC, like, "10,00 hives for Almonds" followed by another ten or so adding up to hundreds of thousands of hives. Amazing.

Are you going to post a link to B-L then so the rest of us can have a look and try to post some adult humour on there?
No because every post is moderated and the mods have enough to do. ;)


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