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Feb 20, 2009
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My friend recently got his first colony of bees. After a month his queen went off the lay. Basically he noticed no eggs then no larva. I went to look and at that time there was plenty of sealed worker brood but every spare cell was filled with nectar/honey despite there being 2 supers on which they were filling nicely. I got him to remove all sealed frames of nectar/honey and replace with foundation which was all he had. He thought he had killed his queen and told him not to panic...Yet. so I put a test frame in for him. They then sealed this over, refusing to draw any queen cells, so I decided that the queen with all probability should be there but clearly off the lay. I went through his colony tonight and after a very thorough search for his unmarked queen, I found her. She was a newly mated queen this season. There was no eggs visible tonight and she is an A.M.M.

Q - Why has the queen stopped laying and is there anything I can do for him to get her started again as I felt it was too early for her to stop for the winter. Your thoughts are welcomed.

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