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Apr 15, 2009
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South Lincs, uk
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Have put the new queen I received this morning into the hive according to Ted Hoopers guide using the Butler cage.

As there is virtually no pollen going in at the moment, would the first sign of acceptance be a massive increase in pollen coming in on sat/sun?

I really dont want to open that box. And I feel sick about it all with nerves!!!
Chill out- if she is safely in a Butlers cage and they were previously queenless- I bet they will throw a party for her . Just check in 48 hours that she is safely out of the cage- if she is still in there, gently coax her out onto a frame then close up - and pour yourself a drink!

In 2 years time you will be wondering why you were so worried- honestly -it does all come together:cheers2:
Queenless since last Tuesday at least so deffo without queen. Last larvae was in there today waiting to be capped.
Went in to remove cage. Just a quick slide of frames and a removal of one of the frames for a quick looksie.

New eggs seen.

Lovely. On to weekly inspections now.

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