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Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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I have edited Bcrazys post in the hope that he will return.
I have emailed him to explain what has happened.

Bcrazy I agree that it stinks.

Looks like a banned member on the bbka forum has also been causing trouble here as well.

Bcrazy its a shame if you have left due to a single member.

I have sorted it so that it does not happen again.

You should of contacted me first to give us a chance to put things right.

I could delete your post but thats not the way to do things.

Am i missing something here ? cant see anything but your post admin ? Wheres Bcrazy ?, what happened ?.
V8/Enzyme thought it good sport to send Bcrazy an email calling him names.

Bcrazy said he is leaving.
Enzyme is no longer able to post.

Thats not bad going with v8 being thrown off 2 forums in one day!
And here was i thinking Enzyme was one of the good guys. sounds a bit cowardly to me.

I hope Bcrazy returns.
reading between the lines,

Enzyme on here was v8 on the dark side, is that right.
Why do people change their names on the same sort of forum?
i don't no but the manner in the way they post doesn't change.

you can change your name but you can't hind

we no who you are:smilielol5:
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Poly Hive, I know who you are Spirtle.:)

Best wishes,
blimey, not been around for a couple of days, and all sorts happens! I need to have a mooch around and see if I can piece together whats happened - sounds like boys will be boys!:svengo:
Poly Hive.

What are your plans for your OWN forum. You seem to post here more than your own. Would it not be better to close it down and get your users to congregate in one place. It would help the admin here.

Mine died a bit of a death, but is still up and running and I am keeping it as an insurance.

As this one is more active at the minute I am using it to help if I can those who are beginning their journey.

As for oil, yes once up on a time. I sympathise with your current issues as I have been through them myself. and paid a price for them too.