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May 12, 2009
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North Wilts
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Hi Guys

I have the opportunity to keep bees on another guys farm. However, he is suggesting we set up areas under the square of power line grids as he only mows once a year for sileage and under the power line tower is the only area he does not mow.

are bees affected by powerlines?

I know the blackberry's and sloeberrys on the hedgerows unders the powerlines are 'different'. The plants appear to flower earlier, the fruit is ready a few weeks ahead of everywhere else and the fruit is smaller. There are always a lot more of them. (although these factors may be related... they are smaller BECAUSE they form earlier etc)

Just for the fact they fruit means they must be pollinated, although I don't know by what.


We were told on the beekeeping course to avoid keeping beehives under power lines, as the bees are sensitive to the electric field. This is similar to the way bees behave when there is an approaching thunder storm, i.e. the bees become bad tempered when disturbed. So, if you want to have an easy time when inspecting your beehives, I would avoid keeping them under power lines.
This was perceived wisdom years ago but is it true?

I have had bees under lines and away from lines and can't really say there was a difference?

Try it and see or can anyone say for sure that they noticed any odds?

although I heed Fenbee's warning, unless anyone lese has experiences I could try it.

If they are moody or aggresive (well they ARE women!) I could move them and see if that alters their temperment...