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May 15, 2009
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On the 29th June my bees were found behind the hive in a bush with another group in a ball on the floor. A friend went away for equipment. On return there were bees in the hive so he took away the cast? and on inspection didn't find a queen. Presumed my queen left with the main swarm.
He checked the hive and found 2 fully formed queen cells. He destroyed one and left the other. I later found the cell neatly opened with lid on (8th July). Checked again today and still can't find a queen ( but then again i am a beginner and its not impossible that she is there) However no sign of eggs or brood but still plenty of bees and producing honey.
Is the colony doomed?
What are my options?
Queen or no Queen

Hi add a frame of eggs from another hive if they make a Queen Cell you will no you have lost the Queen, If you have got a Queen they should not make Queen cells, Check it about a week after adding the frame of eggs.:seeya:
Plenty of time yet. I gather the uk weather has been pretty awful recently so your virgin may be waiting for a decent day. Give it at least another two weeks.
If you can get hold of a frame that contains eggs from your friend put it in the centre of the brood box - check after 3 days - queen cells mean the colony is queenless. No queencells the colony has a queen.
:cheers2: Mike
Cheers to both of you. Mike what part of Aquitaine (he asks with barely disguised jealousy)
why waste time with eggs. Use a frame that has open brood, the chances are there will be young enough larvae for the bees to use for Queens. To an experienced eye the flooded with royal jelly cells are visible the next day, and the queen cells are well on after three days.

Time time time is slipping away.

The north of the Dordogne dept, the Perigord Vert. Lovely area with - usually - super weather, 30C yesterday:):cheers2: Mike
On the 29th June my bees were found behind

. I later found the cell neatly opened with lid on (8th July). ?

It is a month when swarming happened. What is situation in the hive?

How many hives you have now?
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Mark s Accrington has a football team called Stanley - that's wot
Put a frame of eggs/larvae in last thursday, just checked and there must have been a queen and eggs-just couldn't see them. I now have capped brood on the older frames and found the queen (unmarked) So i am still up and running. No queen cells. Bees seem placid enough even when handled by newbies.

I have a lot of stores on the brood frames, will the bees move these to make room for more eggs? There is honey in the super and it is increasing.

I still have just the one hive but i want another, I will have to persuade the Mrs. My garden isn't large so i don't have much room to expand!

Accrington can scar you for life, but only if you let it. Rather be in the Perigord Vert or Noir or Correze or get the idea.

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