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Dec 14, 2008
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I have been quite vigilant throughout the session on my IPM for Varroa, + I used the Varroa strips (they still work in my area) but I have bought some ready diluted Oxalic acid solutions (one bottle treats 2 hives).

But I have read of potential problems caused by OX, what are peoples thoughts on using it? Are you going to use it?

I think I might just treat half my hives and leave the other half.

Is that all ? dont be so fussy! at least you will be 100% Veroa free.

I plan to treat with a made up solution between xmas and new year using the trickle method.

Is anyone planing NOT to treat ?
Do it - I have not damaged my bees and this is the 2nd year of treating.- Best thing for varroa removal - bees will die if you dont. The strips are fairly good - but still the varroa will be there- get rid of them as much as pos.
OA is fine if the dosage ok, and you have the ready made up stuff - just trickle about 5mls over each seam of bees - stand back and get ready to count what falls on the trays underneath your OMF!!:cheers2:
Thanks for the vote of confidence, I will do all my hives. Possibley like Admin when I am on holiday over the Xmass / new year period.

I think I will also go to the trouble of a basic mite count (white sheet of carboard with vassiline on???)
I think I will also go to the trouble of a basic mite count (white sheet of carboard with vassiline on???)

You need not mite counting. But if you want to see how much you have had mites, it is ok. Calculating helps nothing.

When you give trickling, mites will fall during several 4 weeks.
Thanks Finman.

It is more out of intrest than anything Scientific. I am cerrtinly not going to sit counting them.

I will just trust it to do "what it says on the tin"

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